Cash (@cash)
Jun 14th 2024, 3:32 pm
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Before Elvis, We had Fats. Elvis once said, Fats the true king.


John Jenson: @cash Looks like Fido is trying to cut in on you Cash-O. Great sing I really enjoyed it.
Jun 14th 2024, 9:04 pm Report
Cash: @sierrajohn . thanks much John.
Jun 15th 2024, 12:50 am Report
KarenJara: @cash Hi Cash! Wonderful song and performance..enjoyed my listen very much! :) Ouch..looks like you might have trouble sitting for a while. ;)
Jun 15th 2024, 6:04 pm Report
Bev: @cash Hi Cash. You did a fantastic job singing this. Loved my listen this afternoon. ♥♫
Jun 16th 2024, 12:06 pm Report
Cash: @karenjara LOL ouch heh heh. thank you very much Karen huggssss
Jun 16th 2024, 11:26 pm Report
Cash: @bevb Thanks very much Bev big huggsss
Jun 16th 2024, 11:27 pm Report
Joyce: @cash You got the ooowweeeeees down!! Always loved Fats
Jun 17th 2024, 9:40 am Report
Jay Dotson: Jay455Keep loving Rick enjoyed your performance
Jun 18th 2024, 6:10 am Report
Cash: @joyce thanks Joyce huggssss
Jun 19th 2024, 10:10 pm Report
Cash: @jay455 thanks much Jay
Jun 19th 2024, 10:10 pm Report